• Special Education Services

    Goldendale School District offers a full range of Special Education services to students with disabilities ages 3-21, through the support of a contract with Educational School District 112.  We serve students who have disabilities that range from Health Impairment, Autism, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech Impairment, Developmental Delays, to Multiple Disabilities.  A total of fourteen different categories of Special Education disabilities are outlined by law, and all are addressed /served at Goldendale School District. 

    Preschool Special Education services are coordinated with Goldendale Primary School, so that students ages 3 through 4th grade are provided appropriate specially designed instruction.   Goldendale Middle School serves students grades 5 through 8 through a range of services, and Goldendale High School provides a full range of services, including academic and vocational training of students with disabilities grades 9-12.  Specially designed services depend upon student needs, and range from academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, to social/behavioral skills, adaptive skills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and nursing support.

    District Staff:  The Assistant Director of Special Education services has the goal of coordinating staff and overseeing all services districtwide.   Our district staff includes a full time School Psychologist, part time Occupational Therapist, part time Physical Therapist, part time Speech Language Pathologist with Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, as well as Nursing services and Early Childhood services.  A total of five certified teachers provide instruction for the district.  The special education teachers work with general education teachers and parents to ensure the best programs and supports for their students.  Additional staff members include paraeducators who work directly under the teachers to provide additional services and support.

    District Staff: 

    Kendrick Lester - Assistant Director of Special Education & Federal Programs Director
    Vickey Barnett-Montgomery - School Psychologist
    Karen Clifton - Speech Language Pathologist
    Michaela Broderick - Occupational Therapist
    Kelly McCall - Physical Therapist