Dr. Ellen Perconti



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Dr. Ellen Perconti


March 31, 2021


Goldendale School District will move to in-person learning five days a week starting on April 19, 2021.  We are excited to be moving one step closer to a more traditional schedule. The three foot distancing change allows us to have all of our students in our buildings at the same time.

The 3’ distancing is allowed between students.  We are still required to plan for six feet between staff members, between staff and students, and when students are not able to wear a mask, such as when eating. This makes it complicated for planning. Because of the impact of mealtimes at 6’ distancing between students, our school day will end at about 12:30 (times will vary by building). 

Students in grades 7-12 will have all six periods everyday.  We have been running only three periods per day this school year to accommodate cohorting of students.  Because our community rates have been very low, we are able to move to this more traditional schedule. This means that students will engage with all of their classes every school day.

GSD is required, by Gov. Inslee’s proclamation, to provide both in-person and online options for families. Our on-line delivery will change on April 19 when we move to having students attend in-person daily. If your child is participating in on-line only, please communicate with your child’s teachers.

We are excited to be able to take this step forward in our phased reopening. And, we need your help! We are hiring for several positions.  Please take a look at our postings at https://www.goldendaleschools.org/Page/80