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Dr. Ellen Perconti

September 20, 2021

Goldendale School District Families:

Thank you for your support and engagement as we work together to support the growth of your children. I appreciate your care and resilience.

We care about your children and their safety.  Throughout this pandemic we have worked to ensure a continued focus on learning and providing the safest possible environment. This has meant that we constantly review and revise our health and safety protocols as new information is provided.

A copy of the most recent COVID flowchart can be found here. This past week we received clarification from our local health district regarding implementation of this flowchart. Specifically, about Scenario 2.

In this scenario the bullet points are read with an ‘and.’

  • 1 or more symptoms for any duration, and
  • Tested NEGATIVE or given an alternative diagnosis by health care provider, and
  • No close contact with someone with COVID 19

If there is a yes to each of these, then the student may return to school after 24 hours if symptoms are improving. Testing for COVID is a change from our previous practice.

Goldendale School District has the ability to do rapid COVID tests so that your student can stay in or return more quickly to school. The rapid test provides a result within 15 minutes.

In order to access this testing, the student must have parent/guardian permission to test.  GSD will NOT test any student without permission from the family.

Thank you for you continued support of Goldendale Schools.