Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Ellen Perconti

Fall 2022

Dear Goldendale Families,

Everyone Contributing Everyday

Our mantra this year is “Everyone Contributing Every Day.” Each of these words is intentional. 

Everyone - truly means everyone. Every staff member, every student, families, and our broader community. It takes all of us to support all students in learning.

Contributing - a verb, an action word. It’s ongoing and is for ourselves and for others. 

Every day–it’s about building consistency over time, not just once in a while or one time throughout the year.

At the core of well-being is the sense that what we do has purpose and meaning. This includes what we do for ourselves as well as what we do for others. We strengthen well-being by contributing. 

Goldendale School District strives to ensure that every student feels the importance of their own learning every day. We do this by designing learning using what we know about our students. Our lesson design supports students in learning content and engaging their curiosity to build the desire to learn more. Our teachers have expressed that when they design learning with specific students in mind, they see “students make connections and engage in school with purpose, intentionality, and joy.” We want each of our students to know that they need to be at school each day because what they will learn is important. 

The feeling we get when we contribute to someone else is one of satisfaction and fulfillment. These acts of contribution can be as small as saying ‘thank you’ or holding a door open to something larger, like serving a meal or mowing the lawn for someone. Learning is made more meaningful when we use it to contribute. When we can give back to our community – our class, school and broader–we deepen our learning and gain new perspectives. 

An example of using learning to give back can be seen on the Primary School play area. Students in summer school a year ago used what they were learning to put together tables. They used their math and communication skills to collaboratively build something that went beyond their summer school experience. These students still smile as they use these tables, knowing that they contributed to their community.

We at GSD hope to contribute positively to our community and, in return, we want to engage our families and community in contributing to the learning of all students. I encourage you to look for ways you can contribute to the youth in our community. From reading to a child, volunteering, helping with homework, or sharing your expertise, your contributions are valued and important to our students.

Ellen S. Perconti