• School boards were created by the Washington State Legislature to set direction and policy, oversee operations, and to adopt and monitor the district budget. Boards do this work in a collaborative manner, researching topics, listening to perspectives, and determining actions. School board members are elected from areas within specific boundaries to ensure that the Board represents the varied perspectives of the District. Some school districts opt to have ‘at large’ directors rather than selecting from a specific area within the district boundaries. At this time, the GSD Board feels that maintaining the five director areas is appropriate in order to fulfill the board’s purpose.


    A map of current director areas can be found on the Klickitat County Elections website under the ‘Maps” tab. These boundaries were established in 2011 and were based on the 2010 census data.


    The overall Goldendale School District area grew by 575 people from 2010 to 2020. This change in population created unequal director areas and means that reconfiguring the director areas is necessary to even out the areas of representation. Based on the information the District was provided, the imbalance to the Director areas is seen most in Director areas 4 and 2, with Director area 4 having the most significant increase in population. Director area 4 currently encompasses the northeast through southeast section of the district boundaries. Director area 2 is the center portion of Goldendale. 


    Goldendale Board of Directors has engaged Sammamish Data Systems to review the Board Director area boundaries based on the 2020 census data. There are some basic requirements to drawing the director areas.  The areas must be as equal as possible in population and be contiguous geographical blocks.


    The Board will consider a resolution to redraw the director area boundaries at their February 21 meeting. The meeting is at 7:00 p.m. in the Goldendale High School Cafeteria. Prior to taking action on the proposed boundaries, the Board will take public comment regarding the changes.