Goldendale Middle School

  • GMS Logo Dear Families:

    We have entered the second half of the 2019-2020 school year and a new calendar year has begun! It has been exciting to welcome in a new decade. Each year brings changes in the world around us and at Goldendale Middle School our goal is to help each student prepare for an ever-changing world.

    GMS staff truly love working with kids and families. We take seriously the trust you place in us by sending your children to our school every day, and we work hard to make students and families feel safe and supported. Our staff is planning engaging and rewarding learning experiences for all students. We believe that each and every student has a gift to share and that we can help nurture that gift. 

    We have high expectations of our students, and we have high expectations of ourselves to help all GMS students learn and grow into well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers. GMS aims to develop leadership skills, social and emotional skills, and academic skills to prepare students for success not only in middle school but also in high school, career, relationships, and life-long learning.

    We also strive to be a place of hope and progress for all students and families. This year our staff has engaged in Social Emotional Learning professional development. Middle school is where children begin to make the transition into adolescence which can be a stressful time. As they gradually let go of childhood with one hand and reach towards adulthood with the other, they experience physical, mental, emotional, and social changes that can be confusing. The aim of the Social Emotional Training is to help every staff member develop their ability to guide our students as they move through this transition. We want each student to develop positive relationship and make a connection with at least one caring adult.

    We will continually ask ourselves the following question: How can I be intentional this year about being someone who makes students feel connected and hopeful about their future?  We also encourage parents to ask themselves this question and model hope for their children.


    If you have questions or feedback about GMS, please email me at . We look forward to serving our families to make it great 2019-2020 school year!





    Jennifer Tenney

    Goldendale Middle School Principal