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    Dear Families:
    We are so excited to start school. We have missed our students! We have all been through a lot of change in a short time. In March we did not dream that we would
    see such change. However, this is an exciting time that allows our school to redefine education and mold it in a way that better serves our student’s needs.
    Some things haven’t changed. We are still here! We are still excited about serving your children. We are still dedicated to helping all students learn at high levels.
    We are beginning the year with a fully virtual schedule. Our staff has worked during the summer to learn new skills for virtual teaching. We will provide rich
    learning experiences that leverage a new kind of teaching while being intertwined with some of the great traditions that are embedded in the Goldendale culture.

    Last year at the beginning of the year I talked about “Grace”. I asked for grace and I promised you that we would give students and families grace in return. Thank
    you for giving us grace and working together as a community to provide leadership for our children. This year my word is POSSIBILITIES. We are moving forward and discovering all of
    the new possibilities that will give your child a quality education that prepares them to become the adults that our community, state and nation need. This is a
    journey towards discovering all the possibilities that we can provide for our children.

    When Russell Wilson was a little guy, he wasn’t famous and his family wasn’t rich. But, his Dad believed in possibilities. When Russell and his Dad watched the NFL
    games on TV his Dad would point to the players and say, “Why not you?” Possibilities! I say why not us? Why not our children? Why not Goldendale? It
    wasn’t easy for Russell. He worked hard to get where he wanted to be and we will too.

    The world of possibilities is wide open and at Goldendale Middle School we plan to not only walk through that door but run.We want to stay in touch with our families and are very sensitive to the stress a new school schedule can cause. We plan to offer times both during the day and
    evening for middle school community meetings using zoom. I will be sending out and posting links for those weekly meetings.
    Attached is the virtual teaching and learning schedules. Your children will have the opportunity to engage in rigorous curriculum. Teachers will be taking
    attendance along with providing feedback and grades. During the first three days of the school year, on September 2 nd , 3 rd , and 4 th ,
    students and families will be invited to come to the school to meet their teachers and to check out technology, textbooks and materials. Teachers will help students
    login in to their Google classrooms as well as their new school email accounts. 

    When you come to the school for your appointment, we ask that you follow all of the CDC safety protocols including filling out an attestation form, wearing a mask
    and social distancing. The appointments will be set for 30 minutes per family. This will allow us to control the number of people in the building at once. We ask that
    you be on time in order to maintain the schedule. Thank you for working with us to help our community be safe.

    Please contact me at or call (509)773-4323 if you have any questions, or if I can help in anyway.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Tenney

    Principal Goldendale Middle School