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Goldendale Primary School K - 4th
Goldendale Middle School 5th – 8th
Goldendale High School 9th – 12th

If you already have Family Access for a current student, login to Family Access and Select GSD NEW
Student. Your information is already in the Skyward system.
Step #1:                                  Gather Required Documents 
                                                            You will need to upload the following information to register your child for school:

                                                     - Proof of Age & Name (Birth Certificate, Passport, Adoption Record, Etc.)

                                                     - Proof of Residence (Utility Bill, Rental/Lease Agreement, Income Tax Return, Etc.)

                                                     - Immunization Records 

Step #2:                                   Enroll Online     

                                                      Register Now > 

                                             ** FOR HIGH SCHOOL ENROLLMENT, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE. PLEASE PRINT                                                     AN ENROLLMENT PACKET FROM BELOW OR VISIT THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE TO PICKUP.
                                                     Returning Students
                                                       - Students who return to the district do not need to re-enroll. Please contact your school
                                                          building directly to let them know you will be re-enrolling.