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Dr. Ellen Perconti

Goldendale Community

As we embark on a new school year, I am excited by the growth, learning, and connection we can create. I look forward to working together to ensure that all students in Goldendale achieve at high levels. Your partnership with our staff is essential for  us to create a learning environment in which our students contribute positively to their own learning, the learning of other students, and use their learning to enhance our community.

Our goals as a district this year include increasing student learning in literacy and math using a foundation of well-being. We understand that in order to learn deeply our students must feel accepted, a sense of belonging, and know that they are cared for. This foundation is critical in supporting students as they grow and engage with confidence in their learning.
Goldendale School District continues its commitment to safety. We have revised our school entrances, enhance our security camera systems, and continue to partner with local officials to ensure that our facilities are as safe as possible. Our students and staff participate in drills throughout the school year. These include evacuation (in case of fire or other reason to leave the building quickly and safely), shelter in place (for emergencies such as a chemical leak), secure and teach (when there is a perceived threat outside of the building), and lockdown (when a threat is within the building). Each of these drills is taught to students prior to the drill taking place. Our goal is to be as prepared as possible.
We appreciate your assistance in helping us to create a safe environment for our students. If you see or hear something, on social media, in the community, or from a student that we need to be aware of, please communicate with one of our building principals or law enforcement. 
We encourage you to connect with our schools. We need substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, cooks, custodians, and bus drivers. Throughout the year, we need volunteers willing to read to students and judge or participate in events. And your support for our student performances and athletics is greatly appreciated.