• Policy Legislation via 2SSB 6062 requires each school district to post a copy of its collective
    bargaining agreements on its website by September 1, 2014. The Goldendale School District
    has agreements with the Goldendale Education Association (GEA) and the Public School
    Employees of Goldendale (PSE). 

    Goldendale Education Association, Collective Bargaining Agreement (Certified Staff)

    Public School Employee's of Goldendale,  Collective Bargaining Agreement (Classified Staff)

    Extra-Curricular Staff,  Goldendale Activities Association 


    Contact Information:

    Dr. Ellen Perconti, Superintendent
    (509) 773-5177

    Alexis Ladiges, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Directors
    (509) 773-5177