• Bus Safety

    If your child rides a school bus, please share these precautions:
    1.Form a line off the roadway from where the bus stops.
    2. Do not push while waiting for or getting on the bus.
    3. Be careful and considerate of younger children.
    4. Never run out in front or back of the bus.
    5. Obey the bus driver. He or she is looking out for the safety of the passenger.
    6. Always wait for the driver to signal you before crossing in front of the bus.

    Going to School

    If you see that the following rules become part of your child’s thinking, you will be helping to prevent an accident on the
    way to or from school:
    1. Cross the street only at corners.
    2. Stop! Look both ways! Be sure the way is clear before stepping out into the street.
    3. Walk. Do not run across the street.
    4. Do not run into a street from between parked cars.
    5. Obey police officers, school safety patrol people, and signals.
    6. Play away from traffic.
    7. Be extra alert on rainy days.
    8. Where there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the street facing traffic.

    Coming Home

    When your children come home to an empty house after school, do they know.....
    1. How to contact you and/or a neighbor in case of an emergency?
    2. What to do if a door or a window has been forced open before they arrive?
    3. That they should always keep the door locked when you are not home?
    4. Not to allow anyone into the house that they do not know well?
    5. What to do in case of a fire?
    6. How to call the police or fire department?

  • Bus Loading/Unloading Procedures

    When a bus is requested to return to a school building, the following procedures will be
    1. If a student misses the bus during scheduled pick-up time, that student will not be picked up again
    unless the building office requests it. The expectation is that all students will board during their original
    pick-up time.
    2. If a student is already on the bus and a parent/guardian requests that they be brought back to their
    school building to unload, the bus driver will only do so when authorized by the school office personnel.
    3. If returning to the school to pick-up a student, the student must be ready for loading upon arrival of the
    4. If returning a student to the school, all students will be instructed to report directly to the office first, and
    then they will be released to their parent/guardian.
    5. If a student pick-up or drop-off request is made at Goldendale Primary School, the student will not be
    loaded or unloaded from the school bus without the presence of school personnel.

  • Pupil Transportation Rules

    1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils. Pupils must obey the driver promptly and willingly.
    2. No pupil shall be allowed to leave the bus at a different stop other than their regular one unless they
    have written permission from school authorities.
    3. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct must be observed.
    4. No pupil shall at any time extend his or her head, hands, or arms out of the windows, whether the school
    bus is in motion or standing still.
    5. Pupils are to remain seated while the bus is in motion and they are not to get on or off the bus until it
    has come to a full stop.
    6. Pupils must cross the highway only in front of the school bus and never behind it.
    7. Student misconduct on a bus or at a bus stop will be sufficient reason to discontinue providing bus
    transportation to the students involved.
    8. Parents of students damaging school buses will be responsible for proper reimbursement to the school
    9. Student discipline will be handled by the Time To Teach system used in our schools. Refocuses given on
    the bus go towards academy each week. If needed, further discipline will be a 3-day suspension off the
    school bus, all the way to a temporary suspension or a permanent suspension, pending a hearing.

    Contact the district office at 773-5177 to schedule a hearing.