Dr. Ellen Perconti



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Dr. Ellen Perconti


June 24, 2020


Our Fall Planning Team met June 22 and 23. The team dove deeper into OSPI's guidance (this guidance can be found at https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/workgroups/Reopening%20Washington%20Schools%202020%20Planning%20Guide.pdf). There are requirements and guidance in the OSPI document. The requirements come from Labor and Industry and the Department of Health. State Superintendent Reykdal provides an overview of these requirements in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WotQhMrVzZw&feature=youtu.be  

Goldendale's plan will address meeting these requirements and educationally how we will bring students back. We are keeping well-being at the center of our plan. Well-being includes self-understanding, connections, knowledge and competencies. Using this as a framework we will be able to jump start learning, reduce behaviors that distract from learning, and engage students more deeply. As the plan components are refined, we will get the information out to you.

This pandemic is a dynamic situation and as such, things are changing and we will need to adapt to these changes. Our planning team heard from families that scheduling, keeping students safe, and ensuring a rigorous education are important. As we build schedules, we will keep families and individual student needs at the forefront.

As of today, based on health requirements, we will be required to start the year with a blended learning approach. This means that all students will spend time on-site with teachers and would spend some time continuing the learning remotely. This schedule is required due to the social distancing aspect of the multi-prong health safety approach. Each student will have a Chromebook checked out to them to facilitate their learning both at school and at home.

I have confidence that our planning team's thoughtful work will position the district to provide the best for our students. Our hope is to have the fall return to school look and feel as normal as possible. And, we will ensure that we provide for the safety of our students and follow Department of Health and OSPI requirements.


Ellen S. Perconti