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Dr. Ellen Perconti

May 25, 2022

Dear Goldendale Families,

It doesn't seem possible to try to make sense of the horrific event that took place in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. My heart and sympathy go out to the families of the students and staff members of that school and community.
Goldendale is fortunate to have supportive staff who show up every day striving to provide a safe place for our students to learn and grow. Our district invests in safety, using ESD105's support to ensure we run drills and continue to work towards providing physical and emotional safety. This is why we think through and drill for scenarios in an effort to be as prepared as possible.
Our District's focus on connection this year is another way in which we strive to create a caring environment for our students. Our students (people in general) are much less likely to cause harm when they are connected to their environment (school), peers, adults, learning, and our broader community. 
We are each processing our own emotions in this situation while paying attention to the emotions of the children we care for. It's not easy.  Listening, a caring tap on the shoulder, and a smile can go a long way in letting others know we care.
Thank you for all you do each day to support and care for the children in our care. 


Ellen S. Perconti