• Welcome to Fifth Grade!

    Teachers: Andrea Fowler, Stephanie Garner, and Lauren Schuster


  • Welcome to Seventh Grade!

    Teachers: Michaela Green, Randi Krieg, Mel Markel and Jennifer Telford

    Seventh grade is a busy year at the Middle School. Students have four core classes; science, taught by Mrs. Krieg, math, taught by Ms. Markel, social studies, taight by Mrs. Telford, and English Language Arts taught by Ms. Vaughn. 

  • Welcome to Special Education!

    Teachers: Jacqlynn Lee and Georgine Thompson

    Staff at Goldendale Middle School provide a full range of services for students with disabilities. Specifically designed services depend upon student needs, and range from academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, to social/behavioral skills, adaptive skills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and nursing support. 

  • Welcome to Sixth Grade!

    Teachers: Emily Hurst, Tamara Johnson and Carren Tallman

    The 6th grade is comprised of Mrs. Johnson teaching English language arts (focusing on reading for details, supporting an opinion with evidence, and critical thinking skills), Mrs. Tallman teaches math (focusing on area, ratios, dividing factors, expressions and equations, and data sets), and Mrs. Wanderscheid teaches science (focusing on space, sound, light, and diversity of life). Each teacher also teaches history (focusing on ancient civilizations) to their homeroom class.

  • Welcome to Eighth Grade!

    Teachers: John Garner, Rachael Hurst, Dan Musser and Jennifer Telford