• Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Teachers: Emily Enstad, Zara Kartes, Kelly Olson, and Colleen Howell

    The Kindergarten team works closely on planning and providing an engaging hands-on learning environment. We also feel communication with parents is very important. We look forward to working with our children and families each year. They bring us great joy!

  • Welcome to Second Grade!

    Teachers: Kayde Akins, Alison Coons-Azevedo, and Tammy Kayser

    We love learning and are excited to learn with you! In science we get to lots of fun, hands on exploring and discovering with solids and liquids, rocks, and insects. In math we use the Ready Classroom program complimented with the online i-Ready lessons catered to each individual student and their needs. In English we get to use the Wonders program integrated with the 6+1 traits to dig deeper into our learning experiences. A big focus for us this year involves the Leader in Me and social emotional learning experiences that provide a process to help develop the essential life skills and characteristics students need in order to thrive in the 21st century. To continue learning at home, you can expect weekly homework packets that include spelling, nightly reading homework, and occasional math practice. Feel free to check the library resources page for fun, online activities too! 

  • Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    Teachers: Krista Barrett, Susan Baxter, Kathleen Root and Jessica Wirick

    Fourth grade at the Primary School is a great combination of youth and experience. Mrs. Baxter has over 20 years of experience and Mrs. Barrett and Mrs. Wirick and Mrs. Root bring new ideas and enthusiasm of youth.  Mrs. Barrett and Mrs. Wirick share a classroom and students in a job share. Fourth grade has an emphasis on learning about salmon and the local Native Americans and build a Celilo Falls' village. 

  • Welcome to First Grade!

    Teachers: Allison Fahlenkamp, Sandi Martin, Zara Kartes, and Lisa O'Leary

    In first grade, students will experience exciting growth and transitions. Students will develop more academic skills and build upon the foundations developed in Kindergarten, in the areas of reading, writing, math and science.

  • Welcome to Third Grade!

    Teachers: Jodie Blain, Katy Gilliam, and Erin Klejeski 

    Third grade will be a busy year of transitions and growth for your child. In this fast paced year, we will explore multiplication, division, cursive handwriting and learn to write multiple paragraph essays. We look forward to partnering wtih you in helping your child succeed!

  • Welcome to Special Education!

    Teachers: Jasha Foster and Bridget Hoctor

    The staff at the Primary School provide a full range of services for students with disabilities. Specially desgined services depend upon student needs, and range from academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, to social/behavioral skills, adaptive skills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Paraeducators provide additional support to staff and students.