• Meal boxes will no longer be available for community children (1-18) starting with the April 21st boxes.
    This means that if an enrolled Goldendale School District child in your household has younger, non- school age siblings in the household, they will NO longer be eligible for meals from the school. ONLY the enrolled children. Should you have child(ren) enrolled in Connections Academy or enrolled with a Home School group, these children are no longer eligible for meal boxes, starting with April 21st boxes.

    Please complete the form, found at the bottom of the page, for your pre-order for your enrolled child(ren).
    A pre-order form will be available at the following locations:

    • At your child's school(s)
    • In your previous meal box
    • At meal box pick up locations

    The above changes need to be adjusted as we re-open our schools for the return of all our students. With this, there are many changes. Please read below and contact Ruth Faulconer at rfaulconer@gsd404.org should you have questions. These meal boxes work in conjunction with the in person or remote status of your child(ren).
    BREAKFAST will be available to ALL in-person students starting April 19 2021. Each building has a plan for the designated eating areas and time frames.

    LUNCH: there will NOT be any lunches provided during the educational day. Lunches will be available through the LUNCH only pre-order meal box.

    There will be two (2) meal boxes available on April 21st. You MUST pre-order your box for the next week-every week from now through the end of the school year.

    • 5-day LUNCH ONLY= this is for enrolled Goldendale students that have access to daily Breakfast meal on campus
    • 5-day REMOTE ONLY =breakfast and lunch=this is available for REMOTE learners ONLY
    • Return your pre-order form to your child(ren's) school by every MONDAY at the latest


    *Primary School: circle drive: 4pm-6pm ONLY every Wednesday

    *Georgeville Students: 3:30 pm at the Community Center

    *Roosevelt Students: Every Wednesday with them on the bus


    Please note: we must verify your status of either in-person or all remote learning when you come to pick up your box(s). It is IMPORANT that you come to get your box if you filled out a pre-order form. There will be only a few "extra" meal boxes should you have failed to return your form. We will plan to try to accommodate during this transition, but we will not be able to have extra boxes after the first few weeks.

    P-EBT: this is funding available through the state for FREE and REDUCED qualified students. Please be sure we have your currant address and update info as need at your child's school.

    Thank you,

    Ruth Faulconer, GSD FS Director
    Goldendale School District, Nutritional Team