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Mrs. Angela Kruger

Hello everyone!!!

This is the first of my Wednesday posts while we are away from school. On Monday and Friday each week Dr. S and Liz will be also posting updates to share with you!!  I hope you are enjoying your time and finding things to do and learn about. I realized today some people may not have a library card. Did you know that you can get an online card to use just for seeing and borrowing online magazines and books and other fun stuff?

I have found some new audio books even on the library online fun!!


You have probably noticed that people are feeling lots of different emotions, you may feel many different emotions too. I have had feelings of sadness (missing you guys and your stories, your triumphs and your challenges), feelings of excitement (being able to set my own schedule and sleep late or have lunch when I am hungry, hahahaha!) and worry (wondering how you are and if you are worried too). We are all having a lot of feelings during this time, and that is OK.  I am learning to use breathing to calm my worried thoughts, and let my thinking brain work. Below is a picture to help you try Star Breathing. Or try this link for a fun image you can put on a tablet or phone to help you practice calming breathing on the go Breathe In Help GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


The counselors and I have been talking a lot about how to be here for you while you are at home. We are thinking about you and would love to talk to you. You can reach us by email or leave a message on our phone number.

We will get through this together

Angela Kruger

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