Local Scholarships are now OPEN!!

  • SENIORS: All Local Scholarships are uploaded to the website!

    Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Local Scholarship application links.

    Helpful tips on completing your scholarship applications

     Many scholarship applications require a transcript. Please fill out this Transcript Request Form.  Mrs. Marintha Rising will send Official Transcripts to the scholarship committees or you can pick them up in the CCC office. You will need a separate Transcript Request Form for each Official transcript.  An unofficial transcript can be emailed to you so that you can print it off as needed.
    Watch this video for instructions to Complete and Save a Fillable pdf from the list of scholarships below. After you save the document, print it off and send it along with the other documents required by the scholarship committee. Make sure you get all documents to the location specified in the scholarship application before the due date!  
    If the scholarship application is a Google Form, you still need to print the form and turn it in with your documents.  If the application requires an essay or a list, as in Community Service performed or Employment History, it is important to attach another sheet because Google Forms does not allow for paragraph spacing.  
    Scholarship committees have different requirements for when, where and how to turn in applications.  CHECK CAREFULLY FOR EACH SCHOLARSHIP'S REQUIREMENTS.  
    If the application is to be turned in to the GHS CCC office, please mail, email, or drop off your COMPLETED scholarship application, with all requirements, to the following address BEFORE the published deadline:
    Goldendale High School Scholarships
    c/o Marintha Rising
    525 Simcoe Drive                                                                        
    Goldendale, WA 98620
    509-773-5846 Ext. 255 
    Remember to answer ALL questions with COMPLETE SENTENCES.  Double-check your spelling and make sure your sentences make sense to the reader. Double-check that you have provided ALL the documents they requested. Then, have someone else read over your answers. Consider these as professional documents!  
    Local scholarship committees often consist of family members of a donor that worked their entire life for the money they are giving to support you in your education.  Or, committee members may be professionals in a field such as medicine or education.  Their desire is to make the world a better place and are trusting you to use their money wisely - and to keep their dreams and passions alive.  
    Open up and tell them who you are. Why do you want to pursue the career they are passionate about?  Use similar words and phrases as those in the application - or use industry specific words.  Explain in detail the challenges you have faced and how you have overcome them.  Let them know you are a person of integrity. Let us know if we can help! 

*These due dates listed are for the applications to be turned into the CCC office to be mailed out!