• Welcome to 7th Grade!

    Seventh grade is a busy year at the middle school. Students have four core classes; science, taught by Mrs. Krieg, math, taught by Mr. Donaldson, social studies, taught by Mrs. Telford, and English language arts, taught by Mrs. Garner.

    Science has many projects, but probably the most important one is the science fair. Each student spends months preparing for the spring presentation of projects. This event takes place in the cafeteria and the public is encouraged to attend. Each project is judged by volunteers and every student is interviewed. It is a very meaningful experience for all who attend.

    In seventh grade, math starts moving toward algebra with more complicated equations that include variables as well as finding and using percentages in story problems. 

    Furthermore, in social studies, students learn about ancient cultures and civilizations around the world, right up to our Native American heritage and how the face of our state has changed over time. Seventh grade is also an important year for history as students are given the opportunity to earn a high school credit after passing Washington state history. This class is only offered in seventh grade, so it’s very important for students to work extra hard.

    Finally, we get to the best subject of all, English! The goal in English is to get every student to become effective communicators. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to study grammar and vocabulary as well as learn to analyze, study, and understand complex reading material. Major units that are taught during seventh grade include research report writing, a novel study, poetry, and creative writing. 

    As you can see, students leave seventh grade ready for anything eighth grade can throw their way!