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    news letter

     Preparing for Hybrid Return to In-Person Learning

     Starting October 12, 2020

    Hybrid A - In Person Monday/Tuesday (8:10am - 1:15pm)
                     Online Wednesday - Friday

    Hybrid B - In person Thursday/Friday (8:10am - 1:15pm) 
                     Online Monday - Wednesday



    Please be sure that you are signed up for Skyward Family Access so that you may complete the REQUIRED health screening PRIOR to your student arriving at school.  Go to the following website to set up your account: family.goldendale.wa-k12.net


    Doors will be locked until 7:50 a.m.  There will be NO supervision prior to that time.  Please do not plan for your child to be here before 7:50 a.m.

    PARENTS: Drop off at 8:00 a.m. in the circle drive in front of the cafeteria. 

    Students will follow social distant paw markings on the sidewalk and steps to enter the building.

    KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS: will stand socially distant next to their teacher’s picture until they can be escorted by a loving adult into the building to meet their teacher.

    SCHOOL START/END TIMES:  School begins at 8:10. Staggered release: Bus 1:10, Car/Walk 1:20.

    RECESS: Recess will look different.  There will not be shared equipment or balls during active play, nor will children bring balls or toys from home.  The big toy will be off limits during shared active breaks, due to the amount of high touch surfaces. We have made some FUN and COLORFUL revisions to the playground to create some socially distant paths and play without equipment.  We are excited to share it with you! The big toy will be off limits during shared active breaks, due to the amount of high touch surfaces.

    DISMISSAL: Bus riders will be dismissed at 1:10. Car riders and walkers will be dismissed beginning at 1:20.

    WALKER: Students that meet an older sibling will follow the socially distant paws along the sidewalk to sidewalk in front of the north parking lot.  They will wait there on socially distant paws until their MS or HS sibling picks them up.

    BUS RIDER: Bus riders will only be allowed to ride their own bus.  There will be no riding the bus to a friend’s house.  Students will wear masks at ALL times on the bus.  Students will have assigned seats, and may sit with a member of their same household. 

    CAR: Approach the school from Collins and turn left into the north parking lot. (Please do not approach from Simcoe; we are trying to lessen traffic at that intersection. See attached map.)  Please pull all the way forward to the loading zone.  A loving adult will load your child into your car.  Please stay in your car.  When exiting, for safety reasons, we prefer that you turn right to keep a steady flow of traffic.


    VISITORS/GUESTS: At this time, we will not be able to have volunteers in our building, nor will we be able to have parents wait in the building for students or walk them to class.  Visitors are encouraged to call the office at 773-4665 prior to entering the building only to the office.  Masks must be worn in order to enter into our building.

    STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: Students that exhibit symptoms or are not feeling well WILL NOT be allowed to come to school.  Should a child begin to exhibit symptoms while at school, parents will be called and student will be picked up immediately.  PLEASE make sure that the office has your current contact information.

    LEARNING TIME:  Students will continue asynchronous learning time for the balance of their in-person day.  Student learning time will be a combination of in person, live virtual, small group meetings, and self-paced learning.  Teachers will provide lessons to meet grade level essential standards. 

    Thank you for your support of your child, our students, and our staff!  We are carefully planned to keep each other safe and we appreciate your support.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


    Angie Hedges, Principal 😊 


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