• Welcome to the 5th Grade!     


         The 5th grade homeroom teachers are Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Goble, Mrs. Piper. The specialists are Mrs. Johnson,  Mrs. Fahlenkamp, Mr. Hale, Ms. Gunkel, Mr. Schneider. Mr. Hale and Mrs. Fahlenkamp will be the Health and Fitness teachers.  Mrs. Schuster and Mrs. Fahlenkamp teach reading, Mrs. Goble teaches science, and Mrs. Piper teaches math. Ms. Johnson teach our students with special needs. Mr. Schneider teaches band and chorus.

    In math class students will learn through i-ready lessons catered to each individual student and their needs.  In science the students will learn about Matter, Energy, Planets and Engineering and Design.  Mrs. Fahlenkamp teaches the Read 180 and System 44 reading classes. In Mrs. Schuster's English Language Arts class the students will use the 6+1 Writing Traits two guide These are integrated throughout the school year as the students learning about European Immigration in the late 1800's and end the school year learning about  The Great Depression and the novel study of Bud, Not Buddy. To help pay for our year end field trip, the students sell apples in October and November from Kiyakowa Family Orchards.