• Faculty Grade Level Departments
    Please explore each of the Faculty Grade Level links below for specifics regarding staff
    and courses offered.  The Goldendale Middle School grade level teachers are as

    Grade 5:
    Stephanie Garner - All Subjects
    Lauren Schuster - All Subjects

    Grade 6:
    Sherelle Wanderscheid - English
    Carren Tallman - Math
    Sandra Goble - Science

    Grade 7:
    Randi Krieg - Leadership, Science, Exploratory Ag
    Jimmy Donaldson - Math
    Marisa Bateman - English, Journalism

    Jennifer Telford - WA State History

    Grade 8:

    John Garner - Science

    Rachel Hurst - English & History

    Jennifer Telford - English

    Lori Piper - Math


    Middle School PE: Alan Hale
    Middle School Music: Danny Schneider

    Middle School Personal Choices: Becky Bare

    Middle School Art: Scott Gray

    Middle School SPED: Michelle 
    Ridout & Jacqlynn Lee