• Running Start is a special opportunity program in Washington in which 11th and 12th grade students may apply to enroll in courses or programs in community colleges without charge, except for books and lab and other fees. Students will receive dual credit (both high school and college) for successful completion of coursework.  An official transcript will be maintained at each institution.

    Goldendale High School students may apply to take courses through Lower Columbia College (Longview, WA), or Columbia Basin College (Pasco, WA).

    The Process:

    The required first step in applying for the Running Start program is for students and their parent /guardian to attend an information program at the high school.  If you were unable to attend any of the meetings, please make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Lee. 

    Students will choose which college they want to attend, go to that college's Running Start website, and follow the instructions on how to apply to the college.  Each student must have achieved a Level 3 or 4 score on the Smarter Balanced ELA and Math state assessments OR take the College Placement exam at the college OR submit a transcript (see college's website for qualification details). Students must also place high enough to take 100 level courses or higher.  Students who place in courses under 100 won't qualify.

    The timing and availability of college placement exams varies by college. 

    Mrs. Lee will send a copy of your transcript and/or test scores to the college once the application has been completed.

    Every year, Running Start students will meet with Mrs. Lee to develop a plan for the year.  After the student has been accepted into the college, they will meet with a college advisor as well to develop a plan at the college. 

    Next, you will select your class(es) for the Quarter and complete an Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) for the upcoming quarter with that information.  This form is completed by both the student and Mrs. Lee, and signed by your parent or guardian.  All forms can be found on the Running Start Google Classroom.

    A student may be enrolled for a maximum 1.4 FTE (Full Time Enrollment) for each quarter (as of 9/23).  This includes the combined number of high school and college courses taken each term.  

    Student Athletes must complete a WIAA form that is available from the Athletic Office.  Get the form from Mrs. Williams. 

    Students are required to pay for the cost of textbooks and any fees that each class may have as well as the cost for any credits taken at the college in excess of the maximum FTE (Full Time Enrollment) of college credit hours allowed for each college quarter: college classes + semester high school classes. 

    It is the student's responsibility to know important college deadlines and dates.  As a college student, parents are not privy to information.  Colleges prefer to deal with students directly. 


    When to communicate with Mrs. Lee

    The RUNNING START ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION FORM (EVF) must be completed each quarter.  Registration deadlines are specific to each college.

    Students must send Mrs. Lee a screenshot of the the course(s) they are enrolled in EVERY QUARTER so she can verify enrollment when the invoices arrive from colleges.

    Students who are new to the Running Start program will stay enrolled in their fall GHS classes until their college classes begin.  Once the college classes begin, the student must notify Mrs. Lee so she can remove them from GHS classes.

    Students who are struggling with their courses should first communicate with their professors and then let Mrs. Lee they need help completing their courses.  Students who fail Running Start courses are at risk of falling behind on their graduation requirements and will have to work twice as hard to make up for the failed class.