Goldendale School District 404

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  •  Good afternoon

    Thank you to the almost 100 staff, students, and families that joined our community forum on Monday. Your time, insights and support are greatly appreciated. We are continuing to review the feedback and comments but wanted to share some information to keep everyone as up to date as possible. 

    First, several key themes emerged from the forum: 

    • People are passionate that in-person and virtual models will best meet their needs

    • People are concerned about the health and safety of kids, teachers, and caretakers 

    • That emergency distance learning cannot be what is launched in the Fall

    With these things in mind, we are continuing to refine the final plan for the School Board’s approval. This plan will include the following essential principles:

    • Ensuring the safety and wellness of students and staff

    • Deliver high quality instruction to students regardless of the model selected

    • Provide flexibility and choice to the extent possible in instructional delivery models to families

    The landscape continues to change, with additional guidance from the Dept. of Health expected this week. And, I know that decisions are needed and desired. The following timeline will provide insight not only into when you can expect to hear the plan, but also some tentative dates for planning and support:


    Time Line Graphic

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